Begin your digital journey with us.
We have delivered inspirational media projects for clients, partners and participants for over 30 years.
If you want to commission a digital production, an inclusion project to change lives, or are finding a route to grow your talent, Create’s award winning team can support you.

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What we do

We deliver a range of digital media projects for commercial and third sector clients. We thrive on supporting partners through collaborative concept stages, or bringing your existing proposals to life. Our talented team draw on their experience to achieve and develop your ambitions for your project.


Outreach and skills development is part of our not-for-profit CIC ethos. When you commission Create Studios to deliver your digital productions you are also investing in quality of life for communities today, and the next generation of digital creatives tomorrow.


From 30 second ads to documentary and drama, film production has always been at the heart of Create’s award-winning track record.


We have a great in house writing team, plus a range of freelance associates we can draw on to bring your ideas to life, whatever the genre.

From measured documentary to pacy promo, we have the skills to get your message across.

Always a favourite with young people, animation and infographics have made the transition to slick tool for delivering messages to adult audiences using a range of 2D or 3D techniques.

Recording and production facilities at Create plus portable facilities through our Createmobile, music is at the heart of all production work and also a great outreach tool with young people.

We have a friendly team of industry professionals with experience of education work with young people in formal and informal education settings. We can deliver general production experiences or make bespoke projects to tailor to your curriculum needs. See examples of schools work in our Create Talent strand.

We produce a range of vibrant websites for clients of all ages and backgrounds.  The team is experienced in delivering both visuals and user experience that engage national or international markets and audiences.

Partners increasingly need app or mobile friendly solutions within their digital projects and the Create team generate the right technology, look and feel for their partners.

With recording facilities in our studio base as well as on our Createmobile, we offer flexible and friendly services to document projects, produce pod-casts for broadcast or soundscapes for exhibition spaces.

Over our 30 year track record thousands of young people have made their first steps into film and digital production. Many have gone on to work in the industry at the highest levels including our 2 patrons. You can get involved here.

From national projects for cultural and commercial partners which run over a period of years, to short taster and education engagements for young people, talk to us about your project management needs and find out what our clients say about us.

We know that our partners come to us at different stages of project development, with varying levels of resources. Sometimes it is just an idea or a need that you have identified. We take time to listen and understand your aspiration, and will work collaboratively with you to take you from concept to delivery across any digital platform.

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