The Health Ambassadors Project Wrap-Up!

Hey everyone at Create Studios and beyond! Last week was a total blast as we wrapped up our amazing Health Ambassadors project, which has been our passion project for the last two years, all thanks to the Swindon Borough Council Public Health Team. Ieva Delinkaityte, our project leader and superstar, led us through this incredible journey with such enthusiasm and wisdom, it’s been nothing short of inspirational.

Empowering the Youth with Skills and Knowledge

Together, we dived into the world of social media with three vibrant groups from Swindon. Our goal? To arm our client with the coolest strategies for chatting with young folks online. Ieva, the wizard that she is, cooked up a 50-hour workshop plan and three custom-made social media campaigns, hand-in-hand with the groups. This was all about making sure our messages truly connected and resonated.

The best part? It wasn’t just about reaching out to our target audience. Our young participants got to level up their skills, learning the ropes of social media savvy and content creation. Skills that are gold in today’s digital-first world!

A Day of Celebration and Recognition

The grand finale was a day filled with joy, laughter, and loads of proud moments. We all came together – participants, clients, and friends of Create Studios – to celebrate not just the milestones reached but the journey we took to get there. It was a beautiful reminder of how much we’ve grown together.

Every participant shone bright, earning a Digital Badge and OCN London accreditation to show for their hard work and creativity. And guess what? Create Studios is now an approved OCN centre, thanks to the tireless dedication of Ieva, Andy Freedman, and the whole OCN crew. We’re over the moon about this!

Looking Forward to the Future

This project was all about taking those small steps that lead to huge leaps forward. It’s been an eye-opener on what we can achieve when we put our minds (and hearts) into it. We’re bursting with pride and excitement for what’s next for Create Studios.

A massive thank you to each and every one of you who’s been a part of this wild ride. Your energy, support, and belief in what we do have made all the difference. Here’s to hitting more milestones, creating more together, and inspiring each other along the way!

Thank you for being a part of our story. Let’s keep the creativity flowing and make even more magic happen together. Here’s to us and many more exciting projects to come!

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