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Zone of interest

“The Zone of Interest” is a historical drama film that reveals the chilling normalcy of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his family’s life in a house next to the concentration camp.
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LitFest is collaborating with Sofa Screenings to bring you a film for art lovers! Refreshments Available.

Lit Fest @ Sofa Screenings

Join us in the cozy comfort of our sofas for an unforgettable cinematic journey, and mark your calendars for our screening on special screening in collaboration with the LitFest, on Friday 10th May. Book your tickets from 28th March!
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USF Junior editor programme

Get ready for an incredible opportunity right here at Create Studios! We’re thrilled to host and lead the Unscripted TV Skills Fund Junior Editor Programme, aimed at nurturing 20 edit assistants/assistant editors across the UK as they transition to junior editors.
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