Swindon Borough Council

Working with the client and other stakeholders such as the Early Prevention Team, we created a story with the scriptwriter which followed a young vulnerable girl called Lily who meets her older boyfriend Seth and then descends into a world of crime.

This film is a drama, unlike those currently available, which directly relates to young people in Swindon, using Swindon venues, Swindon voices and real Swindon lived experiences. It will be used in schools and colleges in Swindon along with lesson plans and further activities using the film as a base for discussion.

Young people will explore situations, moral and legal dilemmas in order to understand and experience the consequences of their choices with county lines and drugs. By partnering with Swindon Borough Council, Police networks and the Behaviour and Attendance Lead to have a cohesive reach across Swindon.

See these types of videos all the time and it’s definitely one of the best shot ones I’ve seen.If there’s any future work with you then I’d be keen as you were a pleasure to work with.All the best.

Connor Powles – played Seth in Lily

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