A Memorable Night at Create Studios

Last Friday evening, Create Studios hosted a special event that movie enthusiasts will remember for a long time. Our venue was buzzing with excitement as we presented a screening of Ken Loach’s latest masterpiece, “The Old Oak”. The event was a tremendous success, with tickets selling out quickly, illustrating the unwavering enthusiasm of our community for quality cinema.

“The Old Oak” is a film that resonates deeply with contemporary themes, and Ken Loach’s direction ensured that every scene was a compelling narrative tapestry. The audience was captivated throughout, experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions that only a director of Loach’s caliber can evoke. The storytelling, cinematography, and performances were exceptional, making it clear why the film has been garnering acclaim.

But the evening didn’t end with the rolling credits. In a special treat for our audience, we had the privilege of hosting Rebecca O’Brien, the producer of “The Old Oak.” Rebecca is not just a prominent figure in the film industry; she’s a wellspring of knowledge and experience, especially in producing films that leave a lasting impact.

We wanted to show what community means and what it can do when you do get people together.

The Q&A session with Rebecca O’Brien shed light on a unique challenge faced during the making of “The Old Oak”: Casting Ebla Mari in the role of Yara was a strategic choice for ‘The Old Oak,’ but bringing her from Syria to the UK posed a complex challenge. This undertaking was not only intricate due to logistical and bureaucratic hurdles but was also crucial for the film’s final production. Ebla Mari’s portrayal of Yara was pivotal, as she brought a level of authenticity and depth to the character that became a cornerstone of the story. Her performance was not just a testament to her acting skills but also to the production team’s commitment to authenticity in storytelling. Furthermore, the choice to cast Dave Turner, notable for his minor yet impactful roles in Ken Loach’s “I, Daniel Blake” and “Sorry We Missed You,” highlighted Loach’s knack for uncovering hidden talent. Turner’s performance, though he’s not widely known, exemplifies Loach’s ability to find actors who bring an intense realism to their roles. This casting approach deeply resonates with audiences, making the film’s portrayal of challenging situations more powerful and authentic.

This is Ken’s last feature film, we thought we’d go out with a bit of hope.He’s been doing it for 60+ years and you can’t replace him. It’s wonderful how many people have been affected [by him] and got people talking.

Rebecca O’Brien

As the evening drew to a close, it was evident that the event had been a roaring success. Our heartfelt thanks go to Rebecca O’Brien for her invaluable contribution and to everyone who joined us for making it such a memorable night. Events like these reinforce our commitment at Create Studios to bring exceptional cinematic experiences to our community.

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Stay tuned for more events like this, and make sure you’re part of our next cinematic journey!

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