In an inspiring collaboration at Create Studios, ten dynamic young individuals from Swindon joined forces under the guidance of course lead Yeva Deli to embark on a transformative journey in the world of social media and marketing. Over the course of 10 intensive sessions, these creative minds evolved their ideas into a powerful campaign aimed at raising awareness about alcohol consumption and fostering healthy habits during the festive season.

The brainchild of this group, the #chooseallnight campaign, is set to launch on December 1st, unveiling a series of impactful daily posts across various social media platforms. The campaign seeks to engage the Swindon community in a meaningful dialogue about responsible alcohol consumption and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance during festive times.

Throughout the course, participants immersed themselves in every aspect of the campaign’s creation, from the initial brainstorming sessions to filming, editing, and crafting a strategic marketing plan. Under the expert guidance of Yeva Deli, the cohort honed their skills and brought their vision to life.

“Leading this group was a pleasure! So many talented and inspiring people in one room. They not only gained new skills in marketing but also conceived and executed a very meaningful campaign! Can’t wait for the final results!” remarked Yeva Deli.

The campaign uses the concept of retro computer games to encourage individuals to “Choose How You Play and stay all night making memories!” It extends an open invitation to the Swindon community to actively participate by sharing their own tips on maintaining a healthy balance during festive occasions. By leveraging the collective wisdom of the community, the campaign aims to create a supportive network of individuals committed to making responsible choices.

Join us on December 1st as we kick off the #chooseallnight campaign, initiating a month-long conversation that challenges conventional norms and promotes mindful decision-making.

Share your stories and tips on mindful drinking using #chooseallnight

Together, let’s build a community that celebrates responsibly, ensuring that the memories we create are not only lasting but also health-conscious.

Follow the campaign on Instagram @chooseallnight

I loved the team work developing content pitches, I loved getting to create the animations for the video and assets for the posts and one of my favourite moments was having everyone in the editing studio together, seeing the film come together for the first time.

Dan Poulter

Create Studios

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