The Z Zurich Foundation is more than a select group in a room deciding what is best for the world. They are thinking outside the ticked box by equipping Zurich employees to become activists in their communities. They unite NGOs and governments, businesses and local heroes to work with those most in need. By championing the champions and looking at the bigger picture – in all its complexity – creating a better chance of addressing our society’s most pressing issues.

Through the Foundations core pillars – Climate Change, Mental Wellbeing and Social Equity they support organisations across the globe to create a brighter future for all.

The Z Zurich Foundation team commissioned Create Studios to create a series of films on each of the Foundation’s core pillars. Importantly, these films aimed to connect directly with their global partners, employees, and beneficiaries despite distance, language, and a global pandemic. The unique challenge presented by the pandemic was an opportunity to exemplify an established agile approach to filming – a strength at Create Studios. Rather than being on location to film, the film production crew connected with some of the interviewees using Zoom and timeless archive footage to deliver the evergreen film assets. For interviews in the UK, our film crew visited the Z Zurich Foundation office in London and talked to employees, capturing their enthusiasm and passion for the mission at Z Zurich Foundation.

Brand film

The Z Zurich Foundation strives to unite, adapt and join voices together. Providing the tools to inspire and create change within, whilst working towards creating a brighter future for all.

Activism – The Z Zurich Foundation believes that there is an activist in all of us and that this belief can move into action. Action that creates impactful change, better community outcomes, and a network of changemakers all around the globe working together to create more opportunities and a better planet for all.

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