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Our longstanding partners, Calling the Shots were SW leads on the Create Futures initiative from BBC and Arts Council England to support production opportunities for 16-30 year old new broadcast talent.

We were proud to mentor two of our young people who pitched successfully on the first New Creatives round in 2019, both Create Futures alumni,  making an audio piece and a film through this great new initiative.

Thom Hobbs made a very personal and engaging piece of work entitled ‘19th February’ which poignantly follows the day of the death of his mother.  Thom is now a Film Creative at Create Studios and we were delighted to help him realise this sensitive piece.

Simon Dawson won his funding to make a film called ‘Wood for the Trees’ which is currently embargoed because of the political situation but we are hoping for an early release as it is one to watch and an enlightening piece of work.

We particularly enjoyed partnering with Calling the Shots in Bristol, who are lead for the SW, and bringing together many of our long-standing peer organisations through New Creatives.

Watch our Social Media for the next callouts to pitch your broadcast short idea. We hope to support more young people to get funded to make their own work over the next year!

In the 3rd round, we had the pleasure of working with Harry Burbidge on his wonderfully, insightful audio piece around his experience of changing schools as a young boy with Asperger’s. We found Harry to be a very talented, creative writer and a pleasure to work with. Harry upped his sound skills and recorded all of the audio himself as well as writing a very compelling script. We eagerly await Harry’s audio piece, SPECTRUM, to be released by the BBC so that everyone can hear it.

In this last round, we are working with Miranda Mackay on her film piece, IN PERPETUUM, in collaboration with Mark Miles of Rendermedia as we felt that Mark had more experience in the complex world of gaming. Drawing inspiration from Black Mirror and the work of Timur Bekmambetov, In Perpetuum will be shot ScreenLife-style, with the look and feel of a gaming stream or a "Youtubers React to..." video. The world of Perpetuum is a surreally beautiful paradise, rendered in stunning 4K with RTX-enabled graphics. Miranda’s concept is incredibly clever and innovative and is currently in production and we hope to be able to share in early 2021.