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Digisheds is an innovative new model from Tin Smart Social to make digital training accessible for all. Kicking off their national programme in 2020 with Birmingham based activity for young people who were out of any formal education or training, the Digisheds team needed a refresh of their early brand development and a suite of print and electronic design to target that niche audience. They also wanted to reflect the professional nature of the jobs people could aspire to train for in their unique programme which would go on to include adults returning to work or those wanting to retrain. They also wanted to incorporate the Can Do Digital strap-line across all print and film content.

The team began by a subtle refresh of the brand to feel more contemporary with the use of gradients and a tweak to the former use of a literal shed shape... building space for each city name to drop in. We then extended this to incorporate images that were unique to Birmingham and instantly recognisable in terms of place and representation of young people that was inclusive and aspirational.

In the run-up to launch the key was having an accessible way of reaching out to young people who were communicating digitally. So the Create Film Lead and production teams developed a short but personal film for use across Social Media, at outreach events that could also work in a cut-down format across platforms. We consciously avoided high energy bombast which would not feel relatable to vulnerable young people and developed a personal, accessible narrative showing young participants on a journey from their own informal use of digital to a professional environment.

“Working with the team at Create has been a really enjoyable and very productive collaborative experience. They bring their unique creativity and in-depth experience to everything they do, delivering beyond our high expectations to tight deadlines with their “can do” approach.”

Zarina Baloch, Chief of Marketing, Tin Smart Social/Digisheds.

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