A Long-Awaited Dream Come True

On June 15th, while the sun shone brightly for many, it was a day of profound significance for us—a day we had patiently awaited and diligently built up for over 40 years. The air was filled with the scent of freshly delivered furniture, carefully arranged the night before. Vibrant paintings adorned the walls, depicting stories that had just begun to unfold. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee emanated from our pristine new kitchen. As the doorbell rang, we warmly welcomed our first guest, David Yates, accompanied by his wife, Yvonne. They graciously shared their remarkable journey since David’s first film, “When I Was a Girl,” created at Media Arts (formerly known as Create Studios). It was at Media Arts that David’s path to becoming a filmmaker and storyteller was set into motion.

Create has had an extraordinary path, and I wouldn’t be on it without everything that you provided for me. And what you continue to provide for filmmakers coming through. So I know there are going to be many more versions of me, much more diverse, much more exciting in many ways, who are going to come through and tell their stories, and it’s wonderful to see it still going stronger than ever. It’s a beautiful thing, thank you.

David Yates

Inspiring the Next Generation

Soon after our brief but meaningful conversation, over 70 young individuals hurriedly made their way to our new space, eagerly anticipating David’s talk about his creative journey and experiences as a filmmaker. Witnessing the enthusiasm and inspiration kindling within these young hearts filled us with immeasurable joy. They reminded us that creativity knows no boundaries and that the time to create is always now. As the doorbell chimed once more, journalists from BBC Radio, Swindon Advertiser, Business Exchange and Swindon 105.5FM arrived to engage in conversations with us and David, capturing the essence of this remarkable day. Amidst the interviews, we had the privilege of connecting with over 200 individuals who came together to celebrate with us. An amalgamation of our earliest colleagues, alumni, volunteers, current clients, partners, and supporters. Each smile, handshake, and heartfelt embrace held profound significance for us.

Embracing the Spotlight

Our CEO, Shahina Johnson, delivered a poignant speech, reflecting on Create Studios’ 40th anniversary, as we warmly welcomed our guests, Jim Robbins and Marina Strinkovski from Swindon Borough Council, along with Phil Gibby from Arts Council England. However, the pinnacle of the day was undoubtedly the screening of our Anniversary film. Witnessing the highlights and listening to interviews with our dear friends and supporters stirred deep emotions within us, leaving us truly humbled. Our hearts overflowed with gratitude for the enduring love and support we have received from the people of Swindon and the profound friendships we have forged throughout the years.

A New Chapter Begins

This new studio space signifies the start of a new chapter, not only for us but for our entire community. We are resolute in our commitment to continue growing, creating, and nurturing our love for film. We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every individual who graced us with their presence that evening—both physically and in spirit. This day will forever hold a special place in our memories, and it is entirely thanks to you, our cherished community of friends and supporters.

Event pictures by Kris Talikowski.

Create Studios

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