Create Studios began nearly 40 years ago in Swindon

Our anniversary will be in 2024. We have always been based in Swindon. Create Studios began as a kind of pilot experiment that the government were rolling out in a few places across the country. It was very much about giving access to film and video-making equipment and training to communities and young people, which at that time was really unusual.

Expression through film and moving image
We’re so used to people being able to make media on their phones or laptops now but at a time when the idea that unless you had access to specialist equipment you just couldn’t express yourself with moving image. We were really quite revolutionary.

30 years with Swindon Council
The pilot was successful and was supported by the local authority and Create Studios was actually part of Swindon Borough Council until 2014.

We had 30 years of being really strongly linked to education, community groups, to producers of all kinds by having that position. It was a blessing because being linked to an authority and their agendas we had that direct access to real people doing real things, which is a very strengthening position.

Using media for people to share their stories

We’ve moved with the times and technology obviously; the kinds of equipment and facilities and expertise we share have changed completely over those 40 years. The heart of using media for real people to share real issues and real stories – which links closely to the contemporary Black Lives Matter agenda – and giving voices to people is something we’ve been doing the whole time.

Create Studios

Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in a wide range of projects, from animation to documentaries, marketing films, promotional videos, and community and talent development projects. We have the expertise and the passion to bring your story to life and capture its essence. So whether you’re looking to create a powerful promotional video or develop a community-driven project, we’re here to help. Get in touch today and let’s start bringing your story to life!