After finishing Create Futures I was offered the role as Project Coordinator of SEE ME TOO, Create's HLF social history project. I am presently working as a Researcher for Raw TV in London on a Netflix documentary series. For the last year, I have been producing and directing my own passion project which my company have supported me with. I am planning to study an MA in the next few years to develop my filmmaking skills further. My goal for the future is to establish myself as a Director of documentaries.


    Tee began his time with Create Studios through directing and assisting on numerous MassMedia projects as a young person. After finishing at Bath College, he continued his relationship with MassMedia as a mentor, and soon gathered the skills and experience to work as a freelance filmmaker for Create and other media companies. Tee landed the dream job as a Chelsea supporter, to work as Content Producer for the world famous club's Social Media output. Now leading a small team of creatives for the Club, Tee is working as a Producer, commissioning and delivering content seen by fans all over the world.


    Working as a Production Coordinator at Expectation Entertainment across factual, drama and entertainment shows for ITV, BBC, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I hope to combine my editorial and production experience to become a Producer, however I really enjoy Production Management also. My ultimate career goal therefore is be to be a Producer or Production Manager for drama or specialist factual TV series or even within commercials. Without my time at Create I genuinely wouldn't have had the industry experience and knowledge that got me to be where I am today.


    I grew up with Create, attending the Massmedia classes with an interest in filming and photography. I completed college with A Levels in Photography, Graphics and Media Studies and joined the Create Futures Scheme which allowed me to learn and gain experience in the industry while working with a range of clients. The graduate scheme has allowed me to expand my skill set and find a new love in directing and producing, and I was able to put these skills into practice during my time at Create around supportive and talented people, who helped me to reach my highest potential. Since leaving the graduate scheme I am now a teacher for one of the Massmedia groups which fills me with so much joy to be able to inspire young minds and teach children new skills. In my spare time I am a freelance photographer within the local community.

  • TOM

    Having previously worked on small projects as a freelance filmmaker, I joined Create through the Create Futures programme in 2019 looking to build on my existing skills but I could never have imagined it would take me where it has. Not only did I learn so much about different aspects of filmmaking but it also gave me wonderful experiences of working with the likes of Chelsea FC, Zurich and the BBC to name just a few. I have subsequently been lucky enough to work on other projects with Create and have a part time role at Bath Spa University.


    I came with little film experience and before Create Futures had never picked up a camera. In 2019 I returned from working and living in Australia for 18 months, and have many tales from my adventures. The creative arts is something I am incredibly passionate about, and was an active member of Sixth Sense (now Prime Theatre) for 7 years or more, working my way from just a member, to a Youth Theatre Leader. Teaching the children in workshops, and helping the children gain confidence brought me great pride, and joy. I have an A level qualification in Film Studies, and Diploma in Theatre. Create Futures has really opened my eyes to many skills and roles available in the industry but the one I thrive in is Producing. It has been such a great experience especially when you have other talented grads in your team. I have loved the experience.


    I am a graduate of film production from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. I have interests in cinematography and screenwriting, and hope to someday see my own film on the big screen. Through Create Futures I have worked as a Camera Operator and Production Assistant on a variety of shoots and personally written the script for an educational anti-knife crime film which will be showcased across Wiltshire Schools. In the future I hope to continue to develop what I've learnt from Create Studios and University and translate these skills into a career in music videos, and later film and television.


    I joined Create Futures beginning of 2020 after graduating university in 2019 where I specialised in Directing. After freelancing for some time, I thought that the scheme would really benefit me and assist with finding a place for me in the industry. I have really enjoyed my time at Ceate and feel that I have gained significant skills which will benefit me in my future. I developed my practical skills, such as editing and camera work and gained professional experience dealing with clients. I oversaw projects throughout from pre-production, all the way through to the edit, and got the chance to assist on the company's commissions whilst having a great time through it all. The team were amazing and it was apparent they care and want to see young people succeed in this tough industry. With the help of the Create team, I now hope to secure a job within the film industry as a 3rd AD whilst I continue directing on personal projects.


    Before Create Futures I had just graduated from University with a Degree in Music Production. After returning home I struggled to find myself any work within a creative industry. Create Futures helped me learn how I can apply my pre-existing skills to find jobs whilst also exposing me to new ideas and paths. I had never considered I'd work behind a camera but with the hands-on opportunities given, I was able to understand how to properly compose shots. I feel more multi-disciplined in my skill set and it has given me the confidence to look for roles I may have overlooked previously. Working with a like-minded team was great fun and it reinforced the importance of collaborating with others and being open to sharing ideas and playing to one another's strengths.

  • THOM

    Thom came to us through the last cohort of Graduates that took part in our 'Create Futures' Program. A talented photographer initially, Thom worked with us in a Production & Marketing role where he took various responsibilities across the company, assisting filming on location shoots, and working as our in house photographic strand. Under the mentorship of Gurch Singh, Thom became a well established member of the team both in-house and on location.


    Since finishing the Create Futures program I have continued working on my video production and photography skills. I am also currently in the process of planning video and photo shoots with multiple clients. I'm looking to continue further down this career path and with the support and advice that I've received from everyone at Create I believe that I can truly grow in ways that I hadn't believed I could.


    Having studied media previously and working on my own projects I found that Create Futures really helped broaden my skills and has set me up well for more work in the future. Having been involved with Create Futures has greatly improved my confidence in working alongside my peers, and since completing the programme I have joined Create’s freelance pool, covering editing and tech support roles…and of course coming to work on my own projects in the Alumni Lounge, to keep me in touch with everyone. I look forward to further stepping up my skills going ahead into the industry!

  • MEG

    I was lucky enough to join Create in May 2019 as part of their Create Futures program. I had just completed a Film Production course at the University of Winchester and was really excited to have the opportunity to showcase my skills. Whilst working with Create, I unexpectedly gained a love for project management and producing, something I never thought I had the confidence to do. Create helped ease my transition between leaving University to moving back home and made it a really positive thing. I made great friends on the program and had a wonderful experience working in an organisation that I’m proud to say is part of my hometown. Create are dedicated to helping young people get their foot in any door they choose and I can’t thank the team enough for the experience they gave me. After leaving Create, I worked with Lionsgate UK in London for five months and I’m now working as a Social Media Executive for an independent plant based food business in Exeter!