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Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) is the charity arm of Zurich Insurance and has one aim, which is to support a more inclusive and resilient society.

Every year they award around £1.75 million in grants to help to improve the quality of life for more than 130,000 disadvantaged people.

We reached out to the ZCT communications team to see how we could help them tell their story through film. They came in and loved our pitch and commissioned us to make a number of films.

The filming took place over a number of months and the team travelled the length and breadth of the UK capturing some of the heartfelt stories of their beneficiaries.

As there were numerous locations and the schedule was tight, our approach was to shoot with a small crew that could capture beautiful intimate moments within a tight schedule.

In the edit we worked with our talented designers to create some bespoke illustrated icons and motion for some animated sequences, which would help to convey complicated messages.

“Create Studios are a pleasure to work with and have the unique ability to visually simplify complicated storytelling to help you target audiences with really engaging content. They don’t just bring your story to life, they create and use carefully selected media, to enhance and enrich those stories.”

Rachel Beddis, Marketing and Communications Manager

“Within Zurich Community Trust, we have been working with Create for the past 12 months creating a suite of videos to help promote what Zurich Community Trust does in the UK. As a charity ourselves, it makes perfect sense for us to engage with an organisation such as Create whose raison d’etre is to invest back into the local community. We have always found that Create have been very quick to grasp the concepts that we wanted to convey and have always taken very much a ‘can-do’ attitude to whatever we have put in front of them. And finally, and of course the most important – the visual and sound quality of their videos has been consistently excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – as I already have done – Create to others.”

Steve Grimmett, Head of Zurich Community Trust [UK] Ltd

The client loved the film so much that we went on to edit and shoot a further 6 films. Check some of them out below.

Generation Gains

This amazing initiative where young people not in education teach sometimes lonely, elderly people to do gentle sports and get their bodies moving really struck a chord with us. We featured 7 young people who love their work and the comments from the elderly participants were heartfelt and quite emotional.

Beautiful Inside and Out

We travelled to Scotland to film this remarkable woman, Kerry, and tell her powerful story. After the sad death of her 13 year old daughter she started a charity to help troubled families through therapies and counselling.

Soup Kitchen

Our team were humbled by our visit to the Soup Kitchen in Tottenham Court Road who Zurich have funded for several years. It was a beautifully crisp cold day which came across in our filming. The American Church who run the kitchen were delighted with the film and the sensitive portrayal of their vital work.

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