This was our second commission for Chelsea Football Club. This time it was with England football star Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Ruben’s story was different from Mason’s - it was full of hardship and hurdles. Ruben was out injured and had spent most of his childhood and teen years dealing with a multitude of pains and injuries. This was going to be an emotive story.

We wanted to focus on the struggle of being an injured athlete and focus on the mentality that you need to succeed.
Ruben also felt like he wanted to meet other athletes to learn from their journey and mentality and therefore working with the Chelsea TV team we set up to meet two world class athletes with England Rugby captain Owen Farrell and Olympic Sprinter Adam Gemili.

The shoot took place over 3 days and time is usually limited to interview the players but fortunately we were able to conduct a 90min interview with Ruben in his home. This extra time allowed for a more personal and emotive response. We shot the documentary with Black Magic Ursa 4.6k and shot in Raw. The result was amazing, beautiful to grade and great roll off. The only downside was the huge file sizes with our rushes totaling 4.6TB. For the edit we invested in the Blackmagic Multidock and used 3 x 2tb SSD drives to be able to edit and grade our film.

The film was intended to be released on Ruben’s first game back but unfortunately the whole world changed with Covid-19 dictating that the season was suspended. The film was eventually released two weeks into lockdown, even though the timing wasn’t ideal the film went on to receive around 3.4 million views. The film has been a huge success and we are currently in talks about making our third film in the series.

This is a great film, more content like this during this time of no sports is exactly what we need. Chelsea keep it up, be innovative, be creative.
Sumaire Shamlal

I watched it on Insta but I will still watch it again and again on Youtube because I love this series the most.
Subhro Roy – Youtube