The digital team at Chelsea wanted to create some unique films around their Academy players who were now playing for their first team. They wanted the films to be different from anything that they had ever created - this is where we got involved and The Pride series was born.

Our concept was to create a cinematic documentary film that not only told the footballing story but also gave us an intimate insight into the mindset of a young athlete, showcasing the sacrifices and determination that you need to succeed. We wanted the film to be multilayered so we interviewed the family as they played a pivotal part in his story. We filmed over 3 days and so captured many facets of Mason's life.

Time with Pro footballers is usually limited but we managed to grab Mason for an hour and get some quality insights into his life. He took us around the Academy and we filmed as it happened as we wanted an authentic feel to him meeting his old Academy teachers. We also harnessed the magic of DV filming as we wanted to bring a sense of nostalgia to the scenes reinforcing ideas of memory and childhood. We love it when the unexpected becomes a sensational part of the documentary and that’s what happened with meeting Ashley Cole.

Our experience of drama and social media gave us a special intuitive approach to the edit. We wanted the audience to feel the emotions at the right moment and be taken on a journey with one of the country’s most promising British players.

To enhance the journey we used a mix of library and bespoke music from our talented composer. We wanted the film to feel big, important and show the momentous moments of young person’s career.

As Mason had been with the Academy since a young age there was lots of great archive footage of him that helped to shape the narrative. His Ronaldo ‘Top Bins’ clip was an awesome find and the clip became a viral sensation.

Chelsea loved the film and rated it as one of the best Chelsea Documentaries made on one their players. It currently has 2.1million views across social media platforms.

"Kudos to the entire production team for this masterclass. I watched it twice and I’ll still watch it again. I think the CFC Media team is on fire this season."

Anijah Chinedu

"I simply can’t stop watching the classy documentary"

Nashiru Bintu