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We were asked by SAPAC (South Asian Performing Arts Centre) to make a film marking their 10 year anniversary in 2019 which they celebrated with a wonderful cultural event named SANGAM where our film was premiered.

Our film production team wove together archive footage of many cultures and genres of South Asian dance with new filmed material of dance and music classes supported by SAPAC in Swindon over several months.

"Thank you so much for producing this film for SAPAC. It really does sum up SAPAC and best of what we do and our dreams.

We are bowled over by your creativity, dedication and professionalism. I know you were working against time and dealing with us and very demanding people who kept on pushing you until the deadline... more, more and a bit more...

But you put up with it quietly without compromising professionalism or creativity."

Indu Sharma

The beautiful piece documenting their work and practice was both a celebration of their achievements and an opportunity for this film to articulate their mission for the future.

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