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Bringing to life a prehistoric monument and creating a present-day connection is no easy feat. But when English Heritage set the task for Durrington Youth Group, to explore and debate the unique history of Stonehenge, the young people rose to the occasion. The result of this is an insightful and creative short film inspired by the time spent at one of the most incredible and iconic heritage sites in the world.

Create Studios and English Heritage experts joined the project to support the youth group for five months in 2019. Known for our experience in filmmaking and working with young people on talent development programmes, the team at Create taught the group how to film and edit the content captured and turn it into a sensitive reflective film.

During the project, the group had fourteen sessions to explore the history of the Stones, visit the site for a tour and look at examples of graffiti on the stones. The aim was to come up with a story for the film. It was important to the young people that the film could resonate with the audience, reflect their creativity, and bring a new perspective of the prehistoric monument. In the end, the group decided to tell a story of the personal memories of Stonehenge from the surrounding communities whilst weaving in their connections.

The next step was to interview local people about their memories of the site. The young people had support from the Parish and local district council and interviewed local councillors as part of their process. Using film production skills learnt from the team at Create Studios, the group turned the footage into the final film, Our Stones.

‘It was very interesting. We all did things to help and were equally involved.’
- Participant, Durrington Youth Group

The project gave the participants a range of production experiences, skills and knowledge to last them a lifetime. For some, it built their confidence in making creative decisions and gave them a lasting sense of achievement. Some were moved to tears of pride when they shared the final film at a screening to an invited audience at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, ahead of public sharing planned for 2022.


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