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We were really excited to work with Historic England for this first time not only because they are based in Swindon but because we love what they do.

The team at Historic England wanted a short film that celebrated the work of their trainees on the John Laing photographic collection, which is a collection of over 230,000 images.

Usually we shoot fluid, lots of handheld camera work which creates an energy and dynamism. In this film we went for a different visual aesthetic approach, which was more thoughtful and calm but we still love movement so used our trusted track and dolly.

Filming in environments where other people are still working can be tricky as shots can start to look messy and you have to shoot swiftly so this is why a good recce is key in realizing optimal filming environments.

The shoot took place over two days in Swindon and consisted of 5 interviews and cutaways with each of the trainees.