Create Inclusion

We initiate a range of large scale digital arts projects which annually engage thousands through participation and touring exhibitions and installations, supported by national and regional funders.

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Create Talent

Over 50 young people regularly meet at Create to learn digital production skills from our fantastic team of industry professionals. And that is just one of our opportunities!

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Create Production

We work closely with partners to guide them through the production process delivering films, web, app and games to reach and engage their audiences. As a social enterprise, any profits go towards our education work, so everyone benefits!

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Create Inclusion

Outreach and Engagement.

We initiate a range of large scale digital arts projects which annually engage thousands through participation and touring installations. Supported by national and regional funders these projects celebrate communities through heritage and bridge-building approaches.

Short taster and first access opportunities complement the large-scale work, and we work in partnership with key policy makers, the business community, education providers and funders to address social issues and support well-being.
See our recent inclusion projects.

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Create Talent

Skills and talent development opportunities.

Outreach projects within Create Inclusion help us to meet a diverse range of young people and go on to nurture the next generation of film and digital creatives. We have an award-winning track record of talent and skills development supported by national partners. Over 50 young people are part of our fortnightly MassMedia programme, with many more involved in cultural creative sector opportunities.
See some recent projects and be inspired by our success stories to get involved too!

Sherylee Houssein

Freelance - Sound Recordist

Ashraf Ali

Thadeous Matthews

Sophie Dymond

Eilidh Gow

Jarrad Brock

Chris Hill

Patrick Chinery

Nicky Burke

Emma Rowe

Jamie England

Came to us through the very first ever young peoples’ group in 2002 creating a stop frame animation and subsequently ‘Icehouse’ which won Best Thriller at the First Light Film Festival, 2006. After becoming the youngest graduate ever in Sound Recording from the National Film and Television School in 2012, Sherylee came back to Swindon and Create from where she works nationally as a freelance Sound Recordist on Drama, Doc and TV productions. Sherylee works as a filmmaker on many Create outreach and commissioned projects and mentors Create’s MassMedia group.



Ash came to Create Studios with a background in illustration having done a brief stint in a tattoo parlour drawing on paper and on people. Supported through an Advanced Creative Apprenticeship at Create he transferred his drawing and illustration skills to digital design but can still be found ‘colouring in’ and ‘doodling’ on a quiet moment. He is now a Freelance Graphic Designer working on diverse projects from making apps, posters, clothing and other products in his own online store as well as designing for Create.

Thadeous Matthews came to us through MassMedia, and then as a volunteer it soon became apparent what a personable and all round clever chap he was. He worked with us on the Big Arts Day, soon progressing to paid work at Create, and then got a place on the BBC Bristol Graduate Scheme. Thadeous is now a Producer at BBC Bristol and still makes a big contribution to BBC Introducing. We hope to see Thadeous soon as he has promised to come back and talk to MassMedia a about his success in BBC Radio.

Sophie came to Create as an Intern through Creative Skillset from Bristol and worked brilliantly mostly on our exhibition installations. She says that Create encouraged her to take her own initiative on creative projects and the trust and guidance shown to her allowed her to gain confidence and knowledge when working professionally. She highly recommends Create for someone looking to break into the industry. Sophie’s experience at Create led her to pursue a career in Filmmaking which she is now studying at University!

Eilidh joined us from the North-East of Scotland as part of the BFI Film Academy Internship Scheme to work as our Editing Intern for 3 months. When the internship ended she stayed on and became Assistant Editor, then moving on to be an Editor for last year’s Jumpcut Summer Production Company in Glasgow. Eilidh says that she learnt a huge amount at Create such as how to use new softwares over a variety of different projects and how to work as part of a team. She feels her time spent at Create was an incredibly useful platform to getting further work in the media industry where she has gained a job creating online videos for BBC Scotland’s “BBC The Social”

Jarrad first came along to one of our half-term Animation courses and then took part in our First Light Next Generation film project.  The animation mentor on this film, Mark Miles of Rendermedia CGI, was so taken with Jarrad that he offered him some work experience and then was employed as part – time 3D animator. He is now a full time CGI Artist at Rendermedia!

Chris Hill came along to the early Create film courses when he was 15!  He now works in Soho, has finished his first feature and spends some of his time in LA working on his US script writing career.

Patrick Chinery came to Create on the Future Jobs Fund scheme, then went onto be a Creative Media and Post Production apprentice with us and received apprentice of the Year in 2011.  He moved to work in London at BBC Signing/Red Bee Media as a Production Assistant and now has found his niche as a Media Management Operator at Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services. Our favourite phrase when he was here at Create was “I am going into the media suite…I may be some time!”

Nicky Burke came to Create as a member of our YourFilm group many moons ago, now named MassMedia. She went on to Dance School in London and came back to teach dance at one of our Summer Schools.  Since then Nicky has achieved some great successes in the acting and dance world, including studying at Broadway Dance in New York and choreographing various music videos as well as starring in an ad for Milky Bar! Nicky also found the time to come back to Create and act in our Flood information film. She now teaches dance at Dance Attic in Fulham!

Emma Rowe came to us as an Community Heritage Researcher Intern from Bath University. She diligently worked on our 100 Stories project researching WW1 in Swindon and did an excellent job. Since then Emma completed University with a 1st Class Honours degree in History and has now secured a job at The National Trust. We had the pleasure of Emma’s return to work with us on a recent follow up project from 100 Stories – Safe Haven, where she researched Belgian refugees in Swindon in WW1.

Jamie England came to Create as an Intern studying Film Editing for six months but he stayed longer as he is brilliant! He went on to a job at Aardman in the machine room in Commercials and is now Junior Features Editor working on the new Nick Park feature Early Man. He has also contributed to a book and lecture notes for universities on Stop Motion!

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Create Production

Commission delivery across all digital platforms.

We pride ourselves on a friendly, flexible and efficient team who work collaboratively with our clients to realise the vision for their digital projects. Because of our creative hub, all aspects of digital production from film, web, apps, installations and more can be met within the Create Studios umbrella. We understand the different needs of commercial and third sector partners and work sensitively with you make impactful projects to engage the audiences you want to reach.

Remember that when you commission Create Studios, you are also meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility priorities. When we deliver your digital productions you are also investing in quality of life for communities today and in the creative industry for tomorrow. Contact us to discuss your brief.

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Our clients say...

“We are excited to continue as Patrons of Create Studios and proud that it is thriving and supporting new film making talent as well as those working in the digital world of apps, web and gaming. Film and television have always been at the heart of our lives and careers since leaving Create, and it is fantastic to know that others from Swindon are planning and gaining dynamic and creative experience…”

David Yates & David Collier

Patrons of Create Studios 2014


The Directors

Shahina has over 25 years’ experience in arts management and media production and has spent much of that at Create with the occasional secondment to run national Cultural Education projects but always returns! She is proud to have led Create through its transition to a Social Enterprise embracing all digital media above and beyond her roots in film. Shahina supports Bristol’s Watershed and Swindon & Wiltshire LEP Boards and was delighted to receive an MBE in the 2018 New Year’s Honours for services to Arts and Creative Industries in Swindon & Wiltshire.

Shahina Johnson MBE

CEO & Artistic Director

Marilyn loves the arts and enabling young people to progress and is delighted to be Co Director at Create as she gets to enjoy both things. She has worked for Create for ever and a day and is a keen multi-tasker (once buying a car whilst at the photocopier). She likes to write, mostly comedy, and used to run her own comedy club in Swindon.

Marilyn Fitzgerald

Production & Skills Development Manager


Gurch is a South West based Director/ Self Shooter who has experience of working in various sectors from broadcast to award winning short films. Gurch also mentors our young digital creative group, MassMedia, and was Lead Artist on our HLF 100 Stories project. Gurch delivers amazing, lyrical exhibition pieces for Create’s recent social history projects as well as our corporate productions.  Gurch brings his experience of the Production Sector and Skills Development to his role as Non-Exec Director of Create.

Gurchetan Singh

Senior Film Creative

Thom came to us through the last cohort of Graduates that took part in our ‘Create Futures’ Program. A talented photographer, Thom works with us in a Production & Marketing role where he creates original content, assists filming on location shoots, and works as our in house photographic strand. Outside of Create he works locally and internationally for brands to create engaging images for digital and for print.

Thom Hobbs

Production & Marketing

Ash came to Create Studios with a background in illustration having done a brief stint in a tattoo parlour drawing on paper and on people. Supported through an Advanced Creative Apprenticeship at Create he transferred his drawing and illustration skills to digital design but can still be found ‘colouring in’ and ‘doodling’ on a quiet moment. He is now a Freelance Graphic Designer working on diverse projects from making apps, posters, clothing and other products in his own online store as well as designing for Create.

Ashraf Ali

Freelance - Illustrator

Daniel June

Freelance - Music

Tee began his time with Create studios through directing and assisting on numerous MassMedia projects. After finishing at Bath College, he continued his work with MassMedia and soon gathered the skills and experience to work as a freelance filmmaker for Create and other media companies. He also has his own business in creating bespoke wedding and promotional videos around the South West and London.

Teeruthpal Singh

Freelance - Filmmaker

Henry came to us through our young people’s group MassMedia and has worked his way up from being a volunteer runner to becoming one of our paid freelancers and is adept in camera, sound and editing. Henry was a special needs teacher at The Commonweal School and also brings his skills in education and his passion for film and ease with young people to our workshops.

Henry Meredith

Freelance - Filmmaker

Starting with Create Studios as an intern during the summer of 2015 Emma has now worked with us on a number of Heritage Lottery Funded Projects. As a History graduate herself her passion lies in Heritage Education. With a knack for bringing history to life in new and creative ways, Emma effectively combinestraditional historical research methods with innovative teaching techniques.

Emma Rowe

Freelance - Heritage Advisor

Didem came to Create Studios as an intern after graduating from the University of Manchester with a passion for film production and documentary film in particular. She gained a large amount of skills and experience from her time with Create and is now working with us as a freelance project coordinator. She has developed her own series of short films on mental health with the support of Create and is keen to produce content tackling issues within our society.

Didem Gormus

Freelance - Project Coordinator

Yazmin started at Create as our Production and Marketing Assistant in June 2016. She helps organise Create’s exhibitions, manages the website and social media pages and, on the odd occasion, gets to act in their films. Yazmin has also worked on lots of youth projects which is a particular passion for her as she volunteers with several children services in Swindon as well as the Harbour Project.

Yaz Taylor

Production and Marketing Assistant

Sally has worked within youth and community education, with schools, in grant giving roles and with the voluntary sector for many years. She assists individuals and organisations to build their arts and cultural engagement as an evaluator, facilitator, business consultant and writer. She is a quality assessor for Arts Council England, a reviewer for Stagecoach Performing Arts and has been a senior panel member at Trinity College London  developing and advocating for Arts Award and Artsmark since their inception. She now lives in Devon but was raised in Wiltshire where she still has strong roots. Sally works across the South West  bringing a breadth of perspective to Create in her role as Non-Exec Director. 

Sally Clements

Indie games developers working on Amazing Frog?

Gaz Bushell


Indie games developers working on Amazing Frog?

Harry Jackson


Advisory group



THOMAS HOMES & Create Studios











Youth Offending Team


Service Manager

Early Years Intervention - SWINDON BOROUGH COUNCIL






Teeruthpal Singh

Young Person Representative

Create Studios

Shahina Johnson


Create Studios

Marilyn Fitzgerald


Create Studios